3 Major Advantages of Learning To Drive a Manual Transmission

You probably have eyeballed that sports car or longed after that SUV you saw at the lot, but the moment you found out it had a manual transmission instead of an automatic, you were immediately disappointed. The fact is, many drivers have no idea how to drive a car with a manual transmission, and in truth, it can seem like it is far too complicated. However, learning to drive a stick may not be as difficult as you think. Plus, there are some pretty sweet advantages to knowing how to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission. Take a look at three of the biggest bonuses that come along with learning this useful skill. 

If you rent a car in a foreign country, you won't be faced with problems. 

Did you know that even though manual transmissions aren't as common in the States, there are foreign countries where most vehicles are equipped with a manual transmission? This can pose an issue if you need to rent a car when you travel to a foreign country because they may not always have the automatic option available. Learning to drive a car with a manual transmission will mean your options will be open as an international traveler. 

If you learn to drive a manual transmission in a passenger vehicle, you have a skill that is applicable in other driving situations. 

There are other types of vehicles that often have manual transmissions instead of automatic. A few examples include:

  • commercial semi trucks
  • tractors and lawn equipment 
  • four wheelers, motorcycles, and some ATVs

Because of this, if you learn how to operate a manual transmission in a car, you can apply those same skills if you are ever faced with operating a different type of vehicle. 

If you learn to drive a manual transmission, you could find yourself with a new ride and a better MPG rating. 

Automatic transmissions are preconfigured to shift at certain times when the motor hits specific RPM levels, which is convenient. However, there is no replacement for the human eyes and ears when it comes to knowing when a transmission should be shifted. Therefore, when you drive a car with a manual transmission, you can shift in a more timely manner, reducing RPM fluctuations that can burn up more fuel than necessary. This means that if you have a car with a manual tranny, you will probably see the amount you spend on fuel go down. 

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