Protecting Your Property By Choosing Your Security - Options In Garage Door Materials

Your garage door represents an important gateway to some of your most valuable property as well as even potentially your home itself. Given its importance, it's vital that you select the right material to meet your needs. However, many people neglect to consider all of their options, and may not even be aware of the materials they have to choose from.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of those materials and the important features that they display. This should allow you to make an educated decision for your garage door, guaranteeing that you receive the performance and security necessary to give you full peace of mind.


If you're concerned about a balance between strength and weight, fiberglass is likely to be the right material. Able to stand up to extreme weather conditions, fiberglass garage doors should provide solid security and pose a real challenge to anyone looking to enter without permission. Many are constructed with a double walled design for extra security.

It's also important that your door doesn't put undue stress on its track, and fiberglass is an excellent selection for that as well. Since it's often the lightest of all other options, it can be more securely operated with an automatic opener without putting stress on the mechanical components of the door.


For older homes, you may want a more natural look that brings out some of those highlights. Perhaps the most common of all building materials, a wood door can still provide an excellent way to secure your garage without standing out too sharply from a stately facade.

Wood doors may present a challenge if you live in a climate with high humidity or a great deal of rainfall, as they may be vulnerable to shrinking and swelling with changes in the weather. However, if you're in a dry area and you want a heavy, manually operated door, it's hard to imagine a more appropriate choice.


If your primary concern is maximum security, a steel door may be the right selection. You can secure your steel door as firmly as you want, including with a sliding bolt and a padlock that will guarantee no one can enter without authorization. This might make steel the best selection for detached garages located in an area not immediately adjacent to your home, as the difficulty in breaking in and the likely resulting noise can both act as deterrents that you may need.

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