3 Brake And Suspension Upgrades That Make Classics Handle Better

When doing restorations to a classic car, performance is what you think about most. The upgrades and improvements should also include suspension and brakes to handle more power. If you have a car that does not have four-wheel disc brakes, you may want to consider converting them or installing tie rods to stiffen the suspension of a uni-body car design. Whether you've invested in a restoration project or one of the junkyard cars for sale, there are things you can do. Here are some of the suspension and brake upgrades that will improve handling of those power and performance improvements:

1. Four-Wheel Anti-Lock Disc Brake Upgrades for Classics

Four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes will give you more braking power and control of your car. The problem is that many classic cars have front disc brakes and drums in the real. They may also have been manufactured before the invent of anti-lock brake systems. Luckily, today there are many different options for conversion kits that you can use to update your car with four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes. If you want parts that can easily bolt up for custom conversions, you can take the front hubs of a parts car and use them for the rear of your restoration project.

2. Stop Body Twists with Sway Bars and Body Connectors for Uni-body Designs

Body twist is a common problem with cars that have uni-body designs, which is when the body makes up part of the chassis frame. This twist can damage the car, hamper handling and cause problems with the alignment. Installing body connectors to stiffen the frame and sway bars will help to eliminate problems with body twist in high-performance custom restoration projects.

3. Lowering with New Control Arms Springs, Shocks and Structs for Better Handling

Another problem that you may have when it comes to the handling of classic cars is that they often sit high, which reduces traction and handling. Lowering the height of your car with new springs and shocks will help give it a low center of gravity, which improves handling and helps keep it on the road. In addition, you may also want to consider installing new control arms to help improve handling and give you better control going into turns.

These are some of the brake and suspension upgrades that you will want to consider for your classic car. If you need spare parts and pieces for these projects, contact a salvaged car service to find junk yard parts cars for your project.