Serpentine Belts And What They Do

There are so many issues that can come up with your car or truck and the more of them you are familiar with, the better your chances will be of recognizing when to take the car in right away to avoid further issues. One thing to understand about automobiles is they have a very important belt in the motor called a serpentine belt. This article will offer you information on the serpentine belt, so you have a better understanding of how your car works and can spot issues sooner.

 The serpentine belt has many jobs

The one belt that helps run many of your car or truck's systems is the serpentine belt. This belt goes around the alternator, air conditioning, power steering pump and water pump (in many cases). This belt is a long one that winds all around these components. If it has a problem, they can all fail.

Some of the signs that can point to a problem with the serpentine belt include:

A squealing or chirping noise – A squeal or a high-pitched chirp that comes from the front area of your car's motor can be a warning sign that your serpentine belt needs replacing. These sounds mean the belt is starting to slip. When it is slipping, the car won't be performing as well as it should, and the belt situation will only get worse the longer you ignore the issue until you start to have problems with the car's functions.

The check engine light comes on – There are many reasons why the check engine light can come on. However, one of the things that can cause the check engine light to come on in many cars is a problem with the serpentine belt. The car is designed with sensors that alert you to issues right away, so you don't drive around with a problem unknowingly. Therefore, when you see that light, get the car in to the mechanic to avoid a problem such as the serpentine belt completely giving out on you with you stranded on the side of the road.

The car or truck starts to have problems – Since the serpentine belt controls so many things, you can expect different problems to possibly be caused by serpentine belt issues. One issue it can cause include overheating and another is problems with the car's power steering. The car may also have problems staying charged since the serpentine belt also controls the alternator. Your air conditioning may go out as well.

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